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My firm--the Law Office of Evelyn C.  Lewis, LLC-- is an aggressive criminal defense firm that handles all types of criminal cases including serious felonies such as robbery, assault, murder, rape, other sex offenses, drug possession, distribution of drugs, felony theft, forgery and similar offenses.  The firm also handles minor charges such as misdemeanor thefts, assaults,  possession of marijuana and other petty offenses.  Our focus is on criminal cases period.  We are a group of criminal defense attorneys who are committed to providing clients with experienced legal representation and passionate advocacy with two goals in mind:  keeping convictions their record and keeping them free from incarceration.


As the senior attorney in the firm, I have dedicated my career to defending people who have been accused of crimes.  I have zealously defended clients in criminal matters since 1995 and have handled countless criminal cases where I have fought against the prosecution in order to win a client’s freedom.  


As an African-American attorney, I am personally concerned about the disproportionate number of African-Americans who are impacted by the criminal justice system.  Too many young men get into the system and can’t find their way out of it.  Too many families are torn apart by prison incarcerations and cycles of court proceedings that seem to never end.  To that end, I have committed my career to making a difference in the lives of those who find themselves being prosecuted in the criminal courts.  I believe we must fight for these people—which is the commitment all the members of the firm make.  That fight includes working hard on each and every case that comes into this office.  Every client—no matter what race, age, or economic status—matters.   If you are in trouble, we want to help you get out of trouble.  


I believe by helping individuals get out of the criminal justice system, we help the community at large.  I am proud to say that many of my clients have overcome their legal problems and have moved on to have positive and successful lives.  We believe in second chances.  I want you to have the opportunity to rebuild your life—free from incarceration and without the stigma of criminal convictions.  If we can give you that opportunity, my hope is that you will take it and run with it.


I am Evelyn Lewis.  Keeping People Out of Jail Since 1995.