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Evelyn C. Lewis has been fighting police prosecutors and the powers that be for over 15 years. She is licensed to practice in Missouri and Illinois. She is an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the courts and the legal system.  


Her experience covers areas of criminal law such as traffic tickets, DWI, DUI, missed court dates, warrants, driving while suspended and revoked licenses.

Aggressively fight for you

Evelyn C. Lewis will fight aggressively to keep convictions off of your record and to keep you out of jail. She will work to get your bond reduced to get you out of jail fast.

Our firm maintains a distinguished reputation throughout the St. Louis, Missouri court system.


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Comprehensive representation

She will keep fighting for you throughout your whole case. She fights to keep points off your record to avoid convictions and to recall warrants.


Choosing an attorney is an important decision that shouldn't be based solely upon advertising.

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We fight for your rights and freedom

Our firm aggressively fights to keep convictions off of our client's records. We want to keep you out of jail. We will be by your side throughout your case and work toward a fair settlement for the charges you face.


We are licensed to practice law in both Missouri and Illinois.  We have the experience and knowledge needed to fight for you when your freedom is on the line.

Our Criminal Law services:

•   Felonies and Misdemeanors

•   Drug felonies - possession, sale, distribution,


•   Gun felonies - unlawful use of weapons, and


•   Property felonies - stealing, burglary, robbery,

   forgery, fraud

•   Assault, rape and murder charges

•   Probation violations

•   Bond reductions to get you out of jail fast

•   State, Federal and Municipal charges


We fight for your record

We have been fighting to keep traffic points off of our clients' records. Traffic violations can have severe consequences that exceed more than just a fine.


Your driving privileges, vehicle insurance, livelihood and your reputation may be at stake. Accumulating too many points on your driving record can cause a suspension or possible loss of your driving privileges.

We handle the following matters:

  • Traffic Tickets

  • DWI and DUI charges

  • Driving While Revoked or Suspended

  • Missed Court Dates

  • Warrants


Don't just pay the fine

If you just pay the fine for your traffic violation, you are actually pleading guilty to that violation. You need an experienced attorney by your side to obtain a favorable result for your case.

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Don’t hire just any attorney to represent you in criminal court. You need an experienced and knowledgeable team of attorneys to fight for you.

Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision that you should not base solely upon advertising.


Your choice of an attorney should not be based solely upon advertising.

Our staff understands the traffic violation process and procedures. We will give you advice on how to best proceed in your case against the traffic violation you face.