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Evelyn Lewis is the senior attorney and founder of the Law Office of Evelyn C. Lewis, LLC.  Evelyn is a 45 year old female who grew up in Centreville, Illinois  in a working class family.  Fortunately, she excelled academically and was able to attend both college and law school on academic scholarships.    In 1991, Evelyn graduated with a Bachelor Degree from Southern Illinois University  at Edwardsville, and in 1994 she graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree from Saint Louis University School of Law.   Being the first attorney in her family, in 1994, Evelyn was proud to accept a position at  Bryan Cave,  one of the most prestigious corporate law firms in the state of Missouri, as well as the country.


Although corporate litigation was prestigious work, it simply was not Evelyn’s passion. She wanted to fight for real people, not for big corporate entities.  So, in 1995, she made the decision to take a huge salary cut to follow her heart—she left the corporate world to pursue criminal defense work.  In 1995, she joined the Missouri Public Defenders Office in St. Louis City where she worked defending indigent clients in criminal cases until the spring of 1999.  Passionate about pursuing criminal defense work on other levels and in other courts, in 1999, Evelyn left the Public Defenders Office to enter private practice and open her own firm.


Since opening the firm in 1999, Evelyn has expanded the firm’s reach to include servicing clients in five key geographical areas—St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, St. Clair County, Illinois and Madison County, Illinois.  Evelyn leads a team of attorneys—attorneys who are equally as passionate about defending people in criminal cases.   Evelyn believes that clients deserve to have a team of attorneys to even the score—she knows that the prosecutors have a team of people working against the client.   And unlike some firms that do a little bit of everything, Evelyn makes sure that the firm focuses its energy solely on criminal defense work.  Evelyn has established clear objectives for the firm that have not changed since it was founded—fight to keep clients out of jail and fight to keep convictions off the clients’ records.


As the firm continues to grow, Evelyn is focusing her attention on developing strategies to help clients successfully navigate their way through the probation system and into the community.  The firm’s objective  is to help clients get through the system and stay out of the system.  Evelyn’s vision is to develop a program that will help clients not only avoid incarceration in prison, but also make it easier for them to transition from individuals who are limited within the criminal justice system to successful individuals who lead  positive lives outside the system.  To that end, in addition to handling criminal cases, the firm is exploring options to assist clients with probation and parole issues, resume writing, job-interviewing skills, voter registration and the development of healthy living skills.

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